Roland VersaUV LEF-200

Print, customise & profit

The VersaUV LEF-200 fits into any studio, workshop or retail environment, and offers a versatile solution for printing directly onto virtually any item, with incredible detail and stunning colour. Print text, photos, logos or other designs directly onto a huge variety of objects, including smartphone cases, gifts, gadgets, stationery, golf balls, promotional items, industrial components and electronic devices.

Thanks to the on-board Primer ink option, it’s easier than ever to customise glass and other unique materials*. Clear ink options offer spot gloss or matt finishes as well as stylish embossed effects. White ink is also available for adding touches of brilliance and to ensure bright colour quality on dark or clear substrates.

Profitable printing with Primer ink

The LEF-200 features an on-board Primer ink option so you can quickly and conveniently image onto glass, shiny metallic surfaces and more. Users can easily and precisely prep an object for customisation – printing Primer ink directly from a file in VersaWorks Dual RIP before printing the full-colour graphic. This makes adding graphics to challenging materials much cleaner and more efficient. 

Ink efficiency and consistency

The LEF-200 uses Roland’s Automated Ink Circulation System to help produce consistently brilliant image quality even on long print runs. Controlled ink circulation prevents the ink pigments from settling in the ink lines, creating a smooth consistency and density for outstanding output all the time.

Laser alignment system

The built-in laser alignment system allows quick set-up of the LEF to print on different media. It represents the easiest and most effective way to uniformly print images on multiple substrate targets. Whether using it as a two-point reference to determine flat substrates or a centre origin point of reference to print on curved or odd-shaped items, the LEF’s laser alignment is an incredibly sophisticated and useful feature.

Optimise your production with VersaWorks Dual RIP included

Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software is included with your LEF-200 package. This powerful RIP minimises the need for design software, allowing the creation of special colour layers like White, Clear and Primer from artwork directly in the RIP software.

Quickly and easily preview and process complex files with transparencies, layers and other special effects. Rotate, set spacing and maintain clipped position within the RIP to give you more control when printing graphics and applying effects.

Technical specification
Specification  LEF-200
 Printing technology  Piezo inkjet
 Media  Dimensions  538 mm (W) x 360 (D) x 100 mm (H)
 Weight  Maximum 5 kg
 Printing area  508 mm x 330 mm
 Ink  Type  ECO-UV 220ml, 500ml cartridge
 Colours 5 / 6  (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, gloss)
 Curing system  UV LED lamps
 Printinn resolution (dots per inch)  Maximum 1,440 dpi
 Accuracy  Error of less than ±0.3% of distance travelled, or ±0.3 mm (25°C)
 Interface  Ethernet Base 10/100
 Power consumption  On   cca 149 W
 Stand-by  cca 13 W


1202 (W) x 962 (D) x 549 (H) mm
 Weight  110kg
 Enviroment  Power on   Operation temperature: 20-32°C, humidity 35-80% (no condensation)
 Power off   Operation temperature: 5-45°C, humidity 20-80% (no condensation)
Key features